The One Empire Pass Gallery Of Art

At One Empire Pass, we're committed to offering you the ultimate experience in modern mountain lodge living that continually rewards your active family. With this in mind, we are thrilled to bring you, in partnership with Park City's renowned Gallery MAR, our exclusive original collection of modern artistic excellence: The One Empire Pass Gallery of Art.

Showcasing the theme of "Contemporary Nature," our collection has been handpicked to evoke the classic images of wildlife and landscapes throughout the American West — but with a modern twist. Featuring compositions in oil on linen, mixed media with resin, and serigraph renderings on panel, this unique collection brings together historical painting materials and state-of-the-art computer programming-inspired images.

The highest in quality is paramount at One Empire Pass, so we have worked with Gallery MAR to curate our collection from several prestigious artists around the nation. These artists have hosted collections across the country, won myriad awards, and currently display artwork in many of the most well known museums, hotels, and clubs in the United States.

The paintings themselves bring an additional touch of exclusivity to our community: every piece in the collection is a one-of-a-kind original, and four of the pieces were custom commissioned especially for One Empire Pass. Since innovation never takes a backseat here, two of our pieces were created by the unique and acclaimed Kollabs partnership, a dynamic duo of artists who work together — and often cancel out each other's work — to create compositions that offer an intriguing perspective on the interaction between wildlife and the human experience

And though our collection is exclusive, it will always be just a few steps away, located in the community areas right here at One Empire Pass:

Several pieces will be on display in the central foyer, including an 8-foot wide diptych (a piece with two flat plates attached by a hinge). Created by Wyoming artist Matt Flint, this work is composed of silver-leafed panels layered with gesso, India ink, and a historically — derived walnut-shell gel paint first popularized by Leonardo DaVinci.


The main guest lounge will be home to an especially intriguing piece by the San Francisco Bay Area's acclaimed computer-programmer-turned artist, Jylian Gustlin. Layered with hundreds of oil paints, archival and metallic papers, and other mixed media, the image is based on shapes created by the ascending mathematical pattern known as the Fibonacci sequence. This piece stands as solid proof to the kids that math really can be used after they graduate!


And in the spirit of family unity, even the Gotouroom children's area will boast its own exclusive modern artwork, including three colorful expressions of noble animals from the nearby mountainscape, and one frisky chocolate-colored puppy.


Finally, since "presentation is everything," a custom lighting plan has been specially designed by our world-class development team to bring out the best in our exclusive collection. We've taken every step to ensure that our One Empire Pass artwork perfectly reflects the colors, textures, and ambiance of the stunning local landscapes that inspired it.

So after a day of skiing, sightseeing, or sunning, spend the evening browsing your own world-class art collection at your leisure. There's no need to rush through it: this is no mere visiting collection, but a permanent addition to the unprecedented community lifestyle at One Empire Pass, designed to challenge our perceptions, inspire the next generation of artists, and perhaps awaken the creative in all of us.

Now, let's meet the artists.

Maura Allen

8mm Noir

A radical departure from traditional roots marks Maura Allen's bold, high-contrast imagery of the life, landscape, and mythology of the American West. Beginning with photos and then layering in her unique serigraph (silkscreen) printmaking techniques enables Maura to create rich textures that appear simple but reveal new details and complexity with each viewing.


Matt Flint

Into the Valley

"I begin my paintings without a plan," says Matt Flint. "No preliminary sketches are made; every thought is worked out directly on the canvas." The resulting rich textures and worked surfaces of Matt's unrehearsed paintings mirror the dynamic spontaneity of their subjects: the untamed places of the natural world and the wildlife that inhabits them.


Jylian Gustlin

Fibonacci 300

Computer graphics programming meets oil and acrylic scratching in the complex layered effects of artist Jylian Gustlin. A former student of computer science and mathematics, Jylian frequently employs rectangles and shell spirals based on the incrementally increasing numbers of the Fibonacci mathematical theories to explore how science and math intersect with the arts.


Cristall Harper

Home From Work

Artist Cristall Harper is inspired by light, color, and a fluffy yellow puppy named Buttercup. Her work illustrates how everyday scenes can be transformed with beautiful lighting, and how our canine friends epitomize loyalty and friendship. "Dogs are furry angels of comfort and joy," she says. "I feel driven to spread that simple joy."


Michael Kessler




Photo Collage (A)

Photo Collage (B)

"Two artists, one piece" describes the creative collaborations of artists Luis Garcia-Nerey and Anke Schofield, who often cover over parts of each other's work to bring two ideas into one. Their juxtaposing visions highlight the interaction between wildlife and humanity by placing undomesticated animals within urban environments, encouraging the viewer to interpret the works without limitations set by concrete definitions.


James Penfield

[unnamed in PDF]

James Penfield's love of the outdoors guides his trained eye to reveal the deeper visual harmonies hidden among his favored Midwestern landscapes. He uses color to push and pull the spacing within his compositions, creating a sense of gentle instability and a mystic rhythm with the light.


Ronald Russon

Earned Her Stripes

(Three Prints)

Bluegrass and space-pop music provide the soundtracks for artist Ronald Russon as he himself plays a loose brush and a pallet knife on a canvas of oils. His compositions — bold wildlife images in a cacophony of geometric colors — reflect his rural roots of farms and wildlife, and his ongoing communication with the outdoors.


Nina Tichava

Nobody Eats Oranges Under a Full Moon

It's Only Mountains and the Sea

As the daughter of a mathematician/construction worker and an artist/designer, "blended dualities" mark the works of artist Nina Tichava, as she often combines abstract botanicals such as birds and branches with architectural references such as windows and wrought iron. Her materials of choice, which may include a mix of delicate origami papers and unyielding metal studs, further enhance the contrasts of her compositions.


Sarah Winkler

Autumn Ochres

Spotting Snowscapes

Sarah Winkler's artistic techniques not only reflect the geological forces of erosion and formation, but also reenact them. She applies paints mixed with natural materials such as marble and iron oxide, and then distresses them with salt and sanding tools to mimic the impact of wind and temperature. The result is a naturalistic, abstracted landscape with an air of play and curiosity about the natural world.


The Gallery of Art at One Empire Pass, located at the One and only place where adventure, family, community, and culture combine to create the next generation of Deer Valley living.

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